Things 7 and 8: Reference management and CC (and a rather lovely picture of a bridge)

Concrete Bob’s Glenfinnan Viaduct
I love bridges and I don’t care how strange that makes me!

Not long after embarking on my PhD journey I attended the reference management tools workshop and realised that using one of these tools would be important, especially after having hand-typed all the references for my MSc. A painful experience.

So, I had already looked at, and installed, both Mendeley and EndNote before this task came up. Mendeley managed to do my head in, although I can’t quite remember why now, but I’ve been using EndNote for a little while and I have been able to get refs in pretty easily to be honest. The annoying thing is that I haven’t been using it properly and keeping on top of all my references. In fact, I’ve just had to resort to hand-typing references again for a recent report, which is really stupid. This is why I haven’t signed-up for the experience exchange, although I would probably benefit from someone else’s expertise. I’ll definitely be sorting out my EndNote from now on.

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