Things 9 to 11: Wiki, images, presentations & podcasts

Phew, that was a lot of stuff! Mind you, I’ve picked up some interesting info along the way. Wiki … use it all the time, but didn’t particularly pay attention to the additional tabs, i.e. talk and history, before and didn’t realise there were alternative sites. I was initially amused by the spoof site, Uncyclopedia but then got bored with it fairly quickly. Might have been because I found myself on the page of the 100 best (worst?) chat-up lines – need I say more?

The podcasts are much more useful for my research (and for DIY at home) and I’ve already referred to one lecture I listened to in an earlier blog. Prior to that I found a Q&A discussion with one of my reference authors helpful, especially as he was explaining theory. I’ve also attended online course modules, through the University of East Anglia, over the past 4 months which were great. The tutor was excellent and slides, lecture recording and refs were all made available after. I liked the way you could ask questions online as we went along. Am thinking of taking up my beginners Spanish again once this PhD is over … if I’m ever up to learning again after this. Found an OU course on Future Learn.

I think I may be about to become a convert to Instagram – I really enjoyed the British Library posts. Not for my research you understand, just cool (non-research-related) things.

One thought on “Things 9 to 11: Wiki, images, presentations & podcasts

  1. Don’t leave us hanging – what was the top chat up line?? Any recommendations on podcasts? I’m getting into the habit of listening to R4 factual programmes on the walk into work, but of course there’s a certain limit and decreed perspective to them all that leaves me wanting a bit more detail and bite…


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