Week 3 …. better late than never!

First of all, an update. The Twitter issue is now resolved. I’m reliably informed that its automated systems found and removed my account because it mistook it as automated spam. So, there you go … no doubt I’ll be twittering away like nobody’s business before long.

This week (or rather 3.5 weeks ago) we were tasked with checking out 3 networks; Academia.edu, ResearchGate and Google Scholar. And there was me thinking I knew everything about Google Scholar – ha! I searched for some of the academics in our Department (found two) then searched for academics whose papers I’d referenced in my lit review (found another two). Then in typical ‘me’ fashion, I got distracted. An hour later and I had finished listening to the inaugural lecture of one of the academics whose work had proved helpful for my research. So much for the good intentions after attending the ‘Plan it’ workshop earlier this week. At least the lecture was also interesting and informative.

Finding out about the 3 networks as ways to raise my academic profile was useful and I’ll probably set up a profile at some point, BUT not just yet. I don’t feel quite ready and need a bit more time to think about which one. Maybe I’m also a little nervous about setting up another online ‘me’ after being freaked out by the recent online theft of my store card’s loyalty points.

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