Week 2 … and its gone wrong!

All started well this week. Thing 4 – I googled myself, as 23 Things suggested I do, and this confirmed what I already know to be true. I exist! Actually, once I got over the shock that I had recently passed away (3rd hit on the list was my obituary) … and I don’t wish to appear boastful here … I found that there are 42 of professional ‘me’ in Linkedin. Real me was number 5 on the Linkedin listing. I figure that’s not too bad but how do I get to be number 1?

Next up: 23 Things advises me to set up a Twitter account. So I do (as I’m very obedient). I tweet and log out.

I log back in, just to check I’m still there. I’m locked out. Apparently there was some unusual activity or some such thing and I’m prompted to initiate some process or other to sort it all out. I promptly leave the page & fervently wish I hadn’t bothered with Twitter. Help!

Now what???? Will she ever recover? You’ll just have to wait for the next (riveting) blog….

2 thoughts on “Week 2 … and its gone wrong!

  1. Oh no! A dramatic start to your Twitter experience — hopefully things right themselves soon enough. Well done on making it into the top 5 of your namesakes on LinkedIn though, that’s a useful position to be in.

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  2. Twitter is increasingly paranoid these days. Good luck! (Meanwhile, I’ll share this post on Twitter, just so you have something to look forward to when you manage to get back…)


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